Movall MP-302 PlexiTroll Mini Distortion Pedal

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The PLEXI TROLL is an extraordinary high gain distortion pedal. Even though the Plexi is well known for many classic-rock sounds, the sound people most want from this iconic amplifier is the one that players got when they modified it. This is what Movall have put into this tiny green box, a modded Plexi with a balls-to-the-wall sound that will explode on any stage!


It is a high-gain distortion pedal with nice punchy sound.

3 Working Modes: Natural/Tight/Classic, switch on/off with 3 knobs to control level, gain and tone. There are a lot of tones and sounds that you can shape to your needs.



Small, lightweight and exquisite

Aluminum-alloy casing

True bypass design

Power: 9V DC adapter center negative

LED indicator shows the working state.

Product Dimensions: 9.6*4.2*5CM

Weight: 0.25kg

Solid Zinc casing, and  stomp switch.