Joyo JPA-863 Portable PA with Wireless Handheld Microphone and Headset

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JPA863 features a dual channel Class D power amplifier chip, with output power of 30W(RMS).The Class D power amplifier chip is characterized by high efficiency and energysaving,and therefore enhance battery's durability.

JPA863 includes one matched 10'' 4Ohm speaker and one 3'' 4Ohm speaker. With a built-in leadacid battery, ensuring lightweight and portable and thus suitable for different occasions. Perfect for small venues such as club, home and studio. It also features Aux In and Player functions, together with the Bluetooth function, it will be your best companion.
JPA863's wireless microphone section, using VHF200-270MHz frequency range, is designed with crystal oscillator circuit, which ensures high frequency stability and anti-interference.
Frequency Response: 50Hz---18 kHz
Actual Power: 30W (RMS)
Sensitivity: 95dB (1W/1M)
Speaker Impedance: 0" 4 Ohm; 3" 4 Ohm
Power adapter: AC in 100-240V 50/60Hz  DC Out 15V/4A
DC Voltage: 12V 7.0Ah (Lead-acid battery)
Maximum Current Consumption: 3.5A
Net Weight: 14.1kg
Dimensions: 360*245*520mm
Input Sensitivity  
Guitar Input 1: -20dBu
Guitar Input 2: -20dBu
MIC1:  -40dBu
MIC2: -40dBu
Overall performance  
Carrier Frequency: VHF200-270MHz
Harmonic Distortion:
Frequency Stability: <±20PPM
Dynamic Range: >80dB
Frequency Response: 60Hz---12kHz ±3dB
Audio Output: 0~±400mV
Temperature Range: -10℃~+50℃
Operating Distance: 50 meters
Wireless microphone  
Frequency Stability: 0.05%(20PPM)
Launching Power: +13dB
Modulation Type: FM
Maximum Modulation Index: ±20kHz
Upper Harmonics: less than dominant wave 60dB
Mains Voltage:  9V Layer-built battery
Hours of use: 10hrs Built-in wireless microphone receiver
Pseudo Image Interference Ratio: >70dB
Consuming Power:  3W
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 80dB
Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio: >70dB
Receiving Sensitivity: 12dB
De emphasis: 50US