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Joyo DC-15S Practice Amp w/ Multi-Effects, Looper, Bluetooth, & Footswitch

Joyo DC-15S Practice Amp w/ Multi-Effects, Looper, Bluetooth, & Footswitch

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JOYO DC-15 S Guitar Amplifier with Multi FX, Looper, Bluetooth, Footswitch & Drums

The NEW JOYO DC-15s guitar amplifier will be available in the UK from January 2021 - The JOYO DC-15s is an upgraded version of our best selling solid state home practice guitar amplifier the DC-15.  The upgraded model brings the compact combo amp into the modern day; it is fully equipped to give a guitarist everything they need in a box for at home or performing.

The JOYO DC 15S is a perfect practice guitar amplifier designed for all levels of guitaris and suitable for all genres, it is feature rich, compact in size, loud and looks cool too.

Built into the JOYO DC15s guitar amplifier you have:

  • 9 Guitar Amplifier simulator models, classic sounding amps dedicated for making some great sounding electric guitar in one tidy combo amp.
  • 4 Adjustable modulation guitar effects
  • A built-In rechargeable lithium battery for outdoor use/travel.
  • LOOPER with 30seconds' recording time
  • A Footswitch to control the Looper recording
  • Delay and Reverb Effects
  • 2 adjustable PRESETS to save your tone.
  • Drum machine 
  • Headphone jack to practice at full volume without disturbing others.
  • LINE OUT for connecting to other amps, monitors, mixers, PA & for direct recording
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting music or backing track to jam along to.
  • A Built-in portable device audio interface for iOS & Android devices


9 Guitar Amplifier models dedicated for great sounding electric guitar

There is much more to just clean and overdrive, you can select any of the 9 amplifier modes by rotating the AMP switch.

  1. ACOUSTIC Amplifier:  This mode is specially designed to make the DC15 behave like an acoustic guitar amp. The acoustic setting is also perfect to use for a natural sound for other electro acoustic instruments like violin, ukulele and even keyboards!
  2. JC CLEAN: A legendary clean tone features more mid frequency.
  3. CLEAN: the clean tone's mid frequency has been attenuated a little bit.
  4. OVER DRIVE: warm Vintage Overdrive tube tones.
  5. BLUES: More harmonics with overdrive to distortion, just perfect for blues.
  6. CRUNCH: A classic audio crunch distortion pedal.
  7. LEAD: A rich HI-GAIN LEAD tone.
  8. RHYTHM: Sweet mid and high frequencies achieve a high gain rhythm tone on tap.
  9. METAL: The name says it all the extreme distortion will put you instantly into the Metal Zone.

With all of the amplifiers settings you can adjust the Gain of the selected amplifier by rotating the GAIN control. The amp's brightness can also be adjusted by rotating the TONE knob. Turn it clockwise, the tone becomes much brighter, turn it counter clockwise, the tone becomes much darker.

2 User Presets to save your favourite tone & effect settings.

Save 2 of your favourite tones to use later, press the button on the amp or press the button on the Foot switch to save all settings of your tone to your DC-15s.

 You can save any tone setting and effect to your preset and you can also switch between the 2 presets in the loop recording.

4 built-in adjustable modulation guitar effects

The amp features 4 modulation effects which can be adjusted: including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo.

  • Save your favourite settings to the user presets.

2 Built-in Delay and Reverb Effects

With 2 space simulation effects you can adjust the Delay effect time interval and also adjust the Reverb effect's dry to wet ratio.

  • Save your favourite settings to the user presets.

LOOPER with 30 seconds' recording time

With a built in looper and foot pedal to control recording, overdub, play, undo/redo you can record loops and riffs to jam along too.

You can record half a minute of audio, with unlimited overdubs you can keep adding on more parts into the loops or leave it to play.

Make a mistake you can use the UNDO/REDO function with the foot pedal

CLEAR: In PLAY or DUB status, press LOOPER switch twice or tap it twice and keep more than 1 second, all the recorded data will be deleted; now the red Indicator Is flickering until it's done.

The LOOPER always stays in synch with the drum machine pattern you are playing.

Control the loop & call on your save presets with the supplied JOYO DC15s footpedal.

Drum Machine with 36 patterns  & Adjustable BPM

The JOYO DC-15s practice guitar amplifier offers 36 drum patterns; both tempo and volume can be adjusted, making your practice or performance more enjoyable.

Choose your favourite beat and play a riff to it. It will improve your guitar playing, timing is everything. You can set the drum machine's tempo by the TAP TEMPO button.

01 Beat 8 1

02 Beat 8 2

03 Beat 8 3

04 Beat 8 shuffle

05 Beat 16 1

06 Beat 16 2

07 Beat 16 shuffle

08 Rock

09 Hard

10 Metal 1

11 Metal 2

12 Thrash

13 Punk

14 DnB

15 Funk 1

16 Funk 2

17 HipHop

18 RnR

19 Pop 1

20 Pop 2

21 Pop 3

22 Dance 1

23 Dance 2

24 Dance 3

25 Dance 4

26 Beat 3/4

27 Beat 6/8


28 Beat 5/4 1

29 Beat 5/4 2

30 Latin

31 Ballad 1

32 Ballad 2

33 Blues 1

34 Blues 2

35 Jazz 1

36 Jazz 2

LINE OUT for connecting to other amps, mixers & direct recording

Record your progress and ideas straight onto your mobile or tablet with outputs specifically designed to suit both IOS and Android operating systems. This makes it very convenient if you are videoing too, both audio and video can be captured at the same time as you play.

If that’s not good enough then the JOYO DC-15s also has line out, so not only can you record straight onto your device while playing, you can also connect the amp using line out to your sound card, monitors and mixer.

You can also connect the amp to head phones to practice quietly using the headphones output.

Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting music or backing track to jam along to.

Auxin and Bluetooth music playing functions enable you to connect it to mp3, cd, or cell phone and other external devices through Bluetooth, so you can play along to your favourite song when the music starts to play.

Battery and power supply

The built in battery takes around 2 hours to charge in total. The electric guitar achieves a longer life on battery and will last for around 9 hours at full volume; the acoustic guitar achieves 4.5hours.

The JOYO DC 15 s has a built in power warning Indicator which will flash when the built-In battery is getting quite very low, if it doesn't detect a charge within 5 minutes, DC-15S will shut down automatically to avoid over-discharge.

You can use the guitar amp plugged in and the built in battery will charge up, the power Indicator becomes blue while charging when the unit Is on, the power Indicator changes from blue to red once it's fully charged.

Amplifier Controls

  1. LOOPER cycle recording button
  2. Guitar Input Jack
  3. Power indicator/battery status indicator
  4. LOOPER status indicator
  5. Gain control knob
  6. Modulation effects knob
  7. Tone control knob
  8. REVERB/DELAY selection knob
  9. Guitar volume knob
  10. Drum machine volume knob
  11. AMP selection switch
  12. RHYTHM switch
  13. TAP TEMPO button
  14. TAP TEMPO indicator
  15. PRESET indicator
  16. PRESET switch
  17. Bluetooth indicator
  18. Bluetooth switch
  19. AUX IN Jack.
  20. Headphones Input Jack.
  21. Power switch
  22. DC IN 15V4APowerJack
  23. Output Jack for devices with iOS system
  24. LINE OUT
  25. Footswitch Jack
  26. Output Jack for devices with Android system


  • AC adapter input voltage:AC100-240V 50-60Hz
  • AC adapter output voltage:DC15V/4A
  • Built-in battery:11.1 V/4.4Ah(lithium battery)
  • Guitar input sensitivity:-27.08dBV UN E IN
  • input sensitivity:-2.28dBV
  • RMS:15W UN E OUT Output Impedance:1KC RECORDING Output Impedance: iOS lKC; ANDROID
  • 4.7Kn Headphone Impedance: 32rl
  • Speaker' s dimensions: Midrange speaker and woofer 5.25-inch/40/20W;
  • 2.5-inch square 80/15W
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • LOOPER time: 30s

Package Contents

  1. DC 15s Amplifier X 1
  2. Foot switch cable X 1
  3. Power cable X l
  4. Power adapter X 1
  5. Footswitch x 1
  6. 3.5mm 4 pin cable x 1

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When returning items, it should be in brand new condition without any modifications, complete with all accessories and attachments.

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