JCraft Purple Child Single Coil Bridge Pickup, Staggered, Ceramic

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The JCRAFT Purple Child is a staggered Ceramic single coil pickup voiced for the bridge position. Designed to give you that vintage vibe in glassy tones and pompadour feels!

JCraft pickups are designed and manufactured in partnership with the makers of Wilkinson M Series Pickups to bring you the high quality it is known for, at a price point that’s reachable at your fingertips.

The materials are hand selected by our team and is quality controlled by the Wilkinson Team to bring you the JCraft Classic Series Pickups

Behold, the Purple Child is born.

  • Staggered pole piece
  • Ceramic Magne
  • power mi-range sound
  • ST-B (bridge) 6.0K - 4.0H