Deviser TG-80 Electric Guitar 80-watts Stage Amplifier with FX Loop, Reverb and Extension Speaker

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  • 80-Watts loud enough to be used for band and stage settings. Perfect for church, band practice, and small to medium venues.
  • With a mic input and RCA aux input, you can use this for Videoke or Karaoke with guitar accompaniment.
  • Built-in 10 inch lightweight speaker for portability. At the back is an external speaker cabinet output so you can connect this to a bigger 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 inch cabinet for more tonal options.
  • 2-channels with independent EQ for clean and for Drive. MAX button for ultimate distortion effect.
  • Reverb has deep tone, perfect for ambient sound. Combine it with FX loop, connect some delay and shimmer effects and this can be your ambient amplifier.
  • Headphones out is provided at the back for silent practice.

Stage Amplifier

The TG-80 is a 2-channel electric guitar amplifier that is loud enough to use for band jamming, small to medium venues and stage performance.  It is equipped with 10" speaker to make it lightweight for carrying around.