AROMA AGS-01 Electric and Acoustic Folding Guitar Stand

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Product Description

Small, lightweight, portable, and convenient. The Aroma AGS01 Foldable Guitar Stand for acoustic guitars is a high grade, smart folding stand that can hold acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, and even electric guitars, all at a reasonable price. The bottom can be adjusted to match the size of your guitar. Great for the travelling and gigging musician because of it's light weight and portability. This accessory is a must-have.

  • Stand for all sizes guitars including classic, folk, jazz, electric and aoustic guitars and bass
  • Made from ABS light plastic material
  • Compact to insert into your guitar bag front pocket
  • Special cushion material to protect your instruments
  • Package including: 1 x Aroma Guitar Stand
  • Local Supplier Warranty